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Number 64-ELECTION RESULTS-Nov. 5, 2003
1) Buzz slate wins in upset as voters fire Lanzetta
2) Buzz forum is back!

Number 63-BULLETIN-Nov. 4, 2003

The Buzz supports McDaniel, Moore, McKeon and Plotnik

Number 62-Nov. 3, 2003

1) Be an essential link in the chain of victory; take 15 minutes to phone 3-5 neighbors
2) Election Briefs: Nov. 3, 2003
3) Comment: Cast your vote for change -- honesty, integrity, leadership and vision

Number 61-Oct. 30, 2003
1) Comment: Fat Cat Seger tries to buy election
2) City budget summary is posted
3) Comment: Election fliers best suited for trash
4) Both theaters may get new owners
5) City may toughen teen drinking law
6) Tougher drinking law draws support
7) Comment: City should listen to residents
8) Letter: Eccentric's picks lack gender balance
9) Letter: Eccentric should have endorsed Plotnik
10) Letter: Don't fall for Lanzetta's scare tactics

Number 60-BULLETIN-Oct. 29, 2003

Help deliver door-hangers this weekend!

Number 59-Oct. 17, 2003
1) Comment: Your vote will determine whether city struggles or thrives economically
2) Comment: Eccentric was only half right
3) Comment: Eccentric backs McDaniel, Moore, Chafetz and Dixon for city commission
4) Comment: Lanzetta shamelessly takes credit for Baldwin House, enlists project's chief foe
5) Majority of commission says 'fix' Plan Board
6) Apply for absentee ballot if you can't get to polls
7) Officials jockey for Ryder Cup committee
8) City on the prowl for wolf-dogs
9) Office building planned for downtown gateway
10) Dixon wants to keep bringing order to commission
11) Sign on to sign, distribute campaign handout

Number 58-Oct. 6, 2003
1) Crunch Time Dept.: Get lawn signs; walk with a candidate
2) Comment: Dianne McKeon for commission
3) In interview, McKeon calls for Kulak ouster, blasts 'contriving, conspiring' on commission
4) Comment: Unappoint Kulak
5) Exodus resumes as planning staffer quits
6) Firm ready to occupy Jacobson's space
7) Sewers won't be on ballot
8) Comment: Weigh the sign ban with caution
9) Comment: A time to pass
10) Letter: Lanzetta's time is up
11) Letter: Don't fall for scare tactics; get specifcs
12) A touch of hipness in Birmingham: New development is priced to house the crowd that hangs out in this trendy suburb

Number 57-Sept. 29, 2003
1) Comment: Scott Moore for Commission
2) Comment: Tom McDaniel for Commission
3) Crunch Time Dept.: Candidates, PAC need your support
4) Comment: Join 94 calling for Lanzetta to retire
5) In interview, Moore calls commission 'broken,' proposes a vote on Orangeburg sewer solution
6) Open letters heat up police labor dispute
7) City responds to cops: Ad is misleading; arbitration is way to achieve everyone's goals
8) Cops plead in Eccentric ad: 'Stop wasting money and cutting services; give us a contract'
9) City OKs banquet hall, but dooms train station
10) City eyes banning pole signs
11) PSD appointees win swift approval
12) West side will get flood relief
13) Campaign briefs: Sept. 19, 2003 -- McDaniel's feet say, "Just buy the election!"

Birmingham Buzz # 56-Sept. 16, 2003
1) In interview, McDaniel calls for 'ombudsman' on sewers and fence-mending with businesses
2) Buzz closes forum, invites signed letters
3) Comment: Moore, seeking re-election, says we can keep what we love and allow change
4) Comment: Surprise! Buzz backs Julie Plotnik
5) Buzz archives are brought up to date
6) Comment: There you go again, Dante

Number 55-Sept. 11, 2003
1) Chamber plans candidates forum
2) McDaniel statement
3) Plotnik statement
4) Grzech statement
5) To slate or not to slate
6) Y takes High Road
7) On your mark
8) Get set
9) And they're off!
10) Buzz position
11) In your face!
12) 'Not Ready for Prime Time'
13) Bond business
14) Lanzetta support thin
15) Vote! Or else!
16) Comment: Farmers' Market off to great start

Number 54-BULLETIN-Sept. 3, 2003

First Farmers' Market is Sunday

Number 53-Aug. 27, 2002
1) City lays out sewer program options
2) Resident takes the plunge, pays for new pipes
3) Feedback nixes leaf from sign design
4) Comment: No way out of high price tag for aging sewers
5) City bends on pipe replacement plan
6) Attorney named to city's ethics board
7) Details wanting in Shain Park proposal
8) Comment: Make history a community project
9) City eyes parking fee options
10) City will hear pipe replacement plans
11) ACO will replace Maskill's Whistle Stop will get a tenant, too
12) Comment: Historical survey not worth the cost
13) Comment: Bury, don't replace, Dante-ism

Number 52-Aug. 8, 2003
1) Comment: Keep kids out of battle for power
2) Teen invasion rattles Birmingham: Downtown crowds wear on residents
3) Comment: Reformat, don't rewrite, zoning laws
4) Survey draws heat: Costly inventory challenged by some
5) Comment: City right to kill housing survey
6) City to streamline zoning laws
7) Security concerns may boost parking fee
8) Comment: Encourage voluntary preservation of historic homes, don't try to impose it
9) City shoots down historical survey
10) Birmingham tries to save older homes: Commission seeks historical value of houses before they are torn down
11) Comment: Park use calls for a compromise
12) Letter: Park should be inclusive
13) Letter: Embrace park users
14) Plans are progressing for Barnum Center
15) No 'crystal palace' in plan for Shain Park
16) Buzz supporters form PAC, hold fundraiser
17) Ilitch: 'Downtown is thriving'
18) Teen presence overshadows downtown;some folks find the crowds alarming
19) Heated election season shaping up
20) City seeks to ease ethics law concerns
21) Comment: Ethics target won't have to sign
22) Comment: Park plans caught in city quagmire
23) New ethics law prompts resignation
24) Residents press for Booth Park upgrades
25) Comment: Nattering negativists attack farmers market, but reason and intelligence triumph
26) Letter: On Duany's Shain Park plan
27) Saroki will submit site plans within 60 days for $15 million Woodward/Maple Hilton hotel
28) Farmers market OK'd for N. Old Woodward

Number 51-BULLETIN -- July 30, 2003
Buzz supporters form PAC, schedule fundraiser

Number 50-BULLETIN -- June 19, 2003
Tax Presentation TONIGHT

Number 49-June 9, 2003
1) City knew about failing sewers, but didn't make warranty claims or notify
2) Farmers market support is overwhelming
3) Woodward trees stressed, but alive
4) Duany fields proposals for Shain Park
5) Duany evaluates city's development
6) Chamber director abruptly steps down
7) Hilton Hotel eyed for Woodward Site
8) Comment: Axis tastes own medicine: 'Yuck!'
9) Community House garden construction halted
10) Comment: PSD 'debate' was absurd
11) Ugly site a blight, man says
12) Work snarls parking structure traffic
13) Comment: Meetings start late, last too long
14) Comment: Thornsby charges into losing battle
15) Comment: Ethics Ordinance is bad lawmaking by bad lawmakers; apply to board in protest
16) Comment: Is Ralph Seger really the right man to invest our cash and decide Barnum's fate?
17) Ethics law will be revisited by city
18) Budget passes, PSD money intact
19) Comment: Ignore the new ethics ordinance
20) Comment: Scrap the new ethics ordinance
21) Letter to Buzz: Passage was power play
22) Letter to Buzz: Swear-in is good enough
23) Comment: Sidewalk not needed
24) Quarton Park may stay closed until 2004
25) Letter to Buzz: Get real about tax increase
26) City adopts far-reaching ethics law
27) New tree law carries hefty fines
28) Comment: Anti-development policies = tax increases

Number 48-BULLETIN -- May 13, 2003
Join the Bumble Bee Brigade!
March with Buzz in Celebration Birmingham parade this SUNDAY!

Number 47-May 2, 2003
1) Comment: Intelligence/Reason, 3; Lanzetta/Kulak/PC, 1
2) Comment: Kulak runs amok, and earns reappointment as chairman of Planning Board
3) Comment: Sewer program a good compromise
4) Comment: Tax increases are direct result of anti-development policies
5) City proposes $149 average tax increase
6) Sidewalk scrapped -- Mr. J next?
7) Residents balk at sewer plan
8) Commission OKs ethics, tree ordinances, kills Adams bridge sidewalk, rebukes Plan Board
9) Barnum group picks chair, sets May 1 meeting
10) Comment: Ethics ordinance goes too far
11) Birmingham water rates among area's highest
12) Builder wins $6.4 million court judgment

Number 46-BULLETIN -- April 28, 2003
Your voice must be heard TONIGHT!

Number 45-March 30, 2003
1) Duany returning to outline park plan
2) Store owners determined to survive mall setbacks
3) 'Midget Mansion' a reminderof history in our neighborhood
4) Store closings also offer an opportunity for improvement
5) New edition of Concours d'Elegance will come to Cranbrook on July 27
6) Commission will go to the people
7) Adams Square Whistle Stop to close March 30

Number 44-March 20, 2003
1) City passes on Quarton Lake grant
2) PSD gets initial funding OK
3) Opinion: Local economy must be promoted
4) Letters to the Eccentric
5) Eatery cracks down on serving liquor
6) Amid recession, some positive signs for business
7) Government battles own form of recession
8) Opinion: Keep Mr. J trotting
9) BID may be viable alternative to PSD

Number 43-March 13, 2003
1) Party turnout light, except for commissioners
2) PSD pissing match heats up in O&E letters
3) Snow falls, fines pile up
4) League to sponsor forum on bigfoot homes

Number 42 -- BULLETIN -- March 6, 2003
Election season opens with reception tonight

Number 41-March 4, 2003
The Chuck Moss Adams Square Challenge

Number 40-March 4, 2003
1) Pierce garage improvements planned
2) Big Rock loses bid for new hall -- again
3) Opinion: Stop tinkering with the PSD
4) Quarton Lake Park plan delayed a year
5) Debate heats up over PSD control
6) Opinion: Losing Maskill's a bitter blow
7) Opinion: PSD power grab unfair to Hockman

Number 39-Feb. 17, 2003
1) City, residents at odds over sewer repair costs
2) After 54 years, Maskill's is clearing out
3) Parking drives plan for Shain Park
4) Opinion: Mind the bottom line
5) Letter to Eccentric: PSD and history
6) City refunds $28,470 in snow fines
7) Letter to Eccentric: No petty politics
8) Safety, parking balance Woodward median plan
9) Quarton dam needs $1.3 million repair
10) City releases Duany's preliminary Shain design
11) Quarton Lake update: What are those huts?

Number 38-Feb. 5, 2003
1) Opinion: Boulevard is among projects more worthy of tax money than Adams sidewalk
2) Letter: Sidewalk is a waste of money; decision was made only to show who is in control
3) City wants to slow Old Woodward traffic
4) City to help with pipe fixes
5) Opinion: Keep politics out of the PSD
6) Letters to Eccentric
7) Opinion: Who is Carney kidding?
8) Opinion: City should move on Booth Park

Number 37-Jan 28, 2003
1) Carney assails PSD 'independence,' proposes smaller, less 'political' panel named by mayor
2) City loses bid for Booth park grant
3) Trees facing devastating attack
4) Second Jacobson's store is sold, but department store use ruled out
5) Opinion: Retreat offers ways to move forward
6) Opinion: Re-energize downtown

Number 36-Jan. 21, 2003
1) PSD member seeks input from residents
2) Opinion: PSD foe should bone up on facts then take a position that makes some sense
3) Stores seek to recapture excitement
4) What a way to spend a Saturday!

Number 35-Jan. 16, 2003
1) Proposed parking changes draw fire
2) Opinion: Office parking idea is overreaction that would send city straight into losing battle
3) Opinion: Officials must act responsibly
4) Letter to Eccentric: Revamp the PSD
5) Letter to Eccentric: Sidewalk an insult
6) Long-range planning agenda is posted; Includes PSD report and latest Duany sketch for Shain Park

Number 34-Jan. 14, 2003
1) Buzz' first year was just the beginning!
2) That's Entertainment! Don't miss these shows!
3) City overrules itself on parking plans
4) City weighs 'wayfinding' needs
5) Letters to Eccentric on Adams sidewalk
6) Opinion: Reform policies on fixing streets
7) Opinion: Heed the warning of Jacobson's
8) Sale near for second Jacobson's
9) City gets the keys to Barnum Center
10) Parking is last hurdle in Quarton park plan
11) Letters to the Eccentric
12) Clerk states case against Bloomfield agreement
13) Opinion: Tree ordinance is reasonable
14) Pruned tree law up for review
15) Menorah brightens Shain Park
16) Towns weigh impact of state revenue cuts
17) City streamlines approval process
18) Opinion: Keep an eye on Carney, whose actions show little regard for the rights we hold dear

Number 33-Dec. 1, 2002
1) Youths address commission on skate park
2) City buys into $100,000-plus sign design plan
3) Opinion: Keep close tabs on city spending
4) Birmingham trims 'virtual' fees
5) McEntee named Chamber's First Citizen
6) Three get nod for PSD board despite effort to tie appointments to a review of agency
7) Stores hope for strong holiday sales
8) Lanzetta offers yet another ethics code draft
9) City gets top bond rating
10) Decision pending on code of ethics
11) City status a possibilty for Bloomfield Twp.
12) Roads an issue with Bloomfield Park
13) City welcomes Chafetz as first gay mayor
14) Opinion: Issues still linger with settlement
15) Opinion: Skate park is appropriate
16) Commission picks Chafetz as mayor
17) Opposition to Bloomfield Park plan fading
18) Birmingham will get township property
19) City set to sign 'wayfinding' deal
20) Fuller wins bidding for Jacobson's Maple site
21) Letter: Exhibit, talk to focus on Cranbrook
22) Letter: It's time to restrain the Plan Board

Number 32-Nov. 20, 2002
1) Opinion: Plan Board again oversteps authority in thumbing nose at established parking policy
2) Parking plan shift could hit offices
3) Parks Board OKs skate park near Eton
4) Quarton Lake parking remains an issue
5) Pontiac, township agree on Bloomfield Park
6) Letter to Eccentric: Keep our town in context
7) Editorial: Keep path clear for Jacobson's site
8) Editorial: Planning Board is out of bounds
9) Fuller bids $4.2 million for Jake's Maple store
10) City set to acquire Barnum Center
11) City proceeds with $574,500 Adams sidewalk
12) Lake project begins; commitee OKs park plan

Number 31-Oct. 24, 2002
1) Editorial: When governance turns criminal it's time for us to say, 'Enough is enough!'
2) Tholen admitted trespass prior to resignation
3) Plan Board, seeking OK to inspect buildings, is told by city attorney to mind its own business
4) New rule to limit most buildings to four stories
5) Model city encourages neighborhood parking
6) BZA reverses Plan Board, grants preliminary site plan OK to single-family unit downtown

Number 30-Oct. 8, 2002
1) Civil rights charge looms in Kelly case
2) Downtown is a regional destination
3) Birmingham seeks ways to attract shoppers
4) Union sent packing in library vote
5) Parks & Rec Board considers skate park
6) Ethics code advances with provision for board
7) Latest Presidents Council minutes posted
8) Editorial: Commission succeeds in quest to force down value of downtown real estate

Number 29-Sept. 24, 2002
1) Editorial: Plan Board needs qualified appointee
2) Editorial: Restaurant 'solution' spotlights city ills, causes more problems than it solves
3) No sale: Jacobson's stores pulled from auction
4) Restaurateurs rankled over parking plan
5) Board's stance on Crosswinds called 'bizarre'
6) Feds step in on handcap complaint
7) Editorial: Bloomfield, Pontiac and developer should compromise on appropriate plan
8) Editorial: Cut the Crosswinds red tape
9) Editorial: Failure to give Crosswinds a break shows ignorance, arrogance of Planning Board
10) Niagara-on-the-Lake has model for Shain Park; Markus invites city officials on bus tour
11) Options sought for liquor licenses
12) Crosswinds development entangled in red tape
13) City weighs extension of sidewalk on Adams
14) Editorial: Cut it out, already
15) Letter to Eccentric: Respect Quarton Lake
16) Letter to Commission: Road work needs work
17) Restaurants revitalize business district

Number 28-Sept. 3, 2002
1) Help the Buzz's fall subscription drive
2) Upscale retailer eyes Jacobson's
3) And the winner is ...
4) Quarton's carp are doomed
5) Duany to look at Shain Park expansion
6) Editorial: Let's allow a few more liquor licenses
7) Commission clears way for downtown lofts
8) Building height issue resurfaces as Plan Board tries to tie approvals to impact on 'light,' 'air'
9) City whacks fees to some for cutting grass
10) Editorial: Sane site plan rules needed
11) Editorial: Commission uses good judgment in acting on Planning Board recommendations
12) In other action...
13) Latest Quarton Lake park plan posted
14) City eyes tougher building approvals
15) Kroger plaza opening near
16) Editorial: City should seek balanced approach

Number 27-Aug. 19, 2002
1) Editorial: Planning Board's latest attack on 2016 Plan
would require parking for offices
2) Quarton Lake park plan scaled back
3) Who should foot the bill for virtual reality fees?
4) Editorial: Loft living should be considered
5) Class war? Quarton proposal is criticized
6) Editorial: Ask candidates about revenue sharing
7) Invitation: Celebrate Graziella's grand opening
8) Editorial: Jacobson's must be replaced soon
9) PS: DADA takes soap box derby to Rochester
10) Derby promoters trade letters with mayor
11) Open letter from First Baptist Church of B'ham

Number 26-Aug. 5, 2002
1) Now is time to speak up on Quarton Lake plan
2) Retailers nibble at Jacobson's
3) Night shopping? It's a possibility
4) Lofts may loom on the city's horizon
5) Editorial: Who are losers in bid for legal ads?
6) Commission won't accept Tholen resignation
7) New city planner starts Aug. 19
8) Jacobson's in countdown to oblivion
9) Editorial: One merchant's story of frustration
10) Willits, 76% sold, still controversial, opens soon
11) City OKs civic center street improvements
12) Editorial: Consultant's proposal for park would turn Quarton Lake into tourist attraction
13) Editorial: Loss of Jacobsons is grave; city urgently needs public-private cooperation

Number 25-July 22, 2002
1) Meetings offer chance to be informed, involved
2) Jacobson's will leave a void downtown
3) John Richards bankruptcy suit is booted
4) Next phase in Royal Oak's evolution: growing upward
5) With no bids for chain, Jake's to sell piecemeal
6) Buyers poised as plan for Jacobson due today
7) Dispute leads to involuntary bankruptcy filing against developer
8) Single-family units downtown to be reviewed
9) Full Commission agendas now available free online
10) Presidents' Council bylaws posted
11) Editorial: Novi settlement is lesson for all cities

Number 24-July 3, 2002
1) PAC backers hit with $1,300 state fine
2) Editorial: 'Ambiguity' in zoning delays plan for single-family home in business district
3) Editorial: The value of Jacobson's
4) Gutting of planning staff nearly complete with resignation of development director
5) Old Woodward sewer work strangling business
6) Editorial: Backing off on tree law was smart
7) MDOT official calls rejection "amazing"
8) Letter to Buzz: Allow some lefts at Bowers
9) PSD urges residents to participate in survey

Number 23-June 13, 2002
1) Tree ordinance too broad, commission says
2) Residents shred tree law: City will revise it
3) Editorial: Commission picks cronyism over safety in rejecting MDOT's Woodward plan
4) Editorial: Recrafting of the tree law welcome
5) Letter to Eccentric: Keep trees healthy
6) Letter to Eccentric: Lot # 7 issue resurfaces
7) Editorial: City should jump at rare chance to develop gateway at Woodward & Maple
8) Leaning Tower: Can tottering music chain find a new hit?
9) Next Buzz Forum to feature prominent scholar

Number 22-June 6, 2002
1) BULLETIN: Tree ordinance hearing Monday
2) Next Buzz Forum to feature prominent scholar
3) Editorial: Who is Paul Reagan?
4) Editorial: Arrogant officials hurt community
5) Commission puts merchants, neighborhoods and infrastructure atop its list of priorities
6) Ain't Email Great Dept: About those 'tubes'in front of City Hall
7) City to ask Duany for Shain Park design
8) Editorial: Parking lot plan worth revisiting
9) Editorial: Community House says bury Lot 7
10) The Peanut Gallery: Citizens weigh in on Shain Park expansion
11) Birmingham ordinance draws criticism; Chafetz: Intent is to regulate builders
12) Communities weigh proposed tree laws
13) Township hugs trees too tight, some say; pressured, W. Bloomfield will revise plan
14) Architect Ziegelman earns AIA's highest honor

Number 21-May 30, 2002
1) MDOT offers $$ for road, but will city take it?
2) Editorial: Kicking back, considering the issues
3) Letter to the Buzz: City Manager satisfied with handling of soap box derby application
4) Probe finds no wrongdoing in Willits project
5) Shain Park expansion plan resurfaces
6) Editorial: Apology and do-over is warranted for organizers of proposed soap box derby
7) Traffic consultant suggests innovative parking for improvement to N. Old Woodward
8) Soap Box Derby asks to close Old Woodward, meets 'adversarial attitude,' so drops request
9) Letter to Eccentric: Misconception on tree law
10) Editorial: Timber! If a tree law falls with no official support, does it make a sound?

Number 20-May 17, 2002
1) Chafetz opposes regulation of private trees
2) Buzz Editor calls for Lanzetta's censure
3) Ain't Email Great Dept.: Lanzetta shows he's not above name-calling and innuendo
4) City investigation finds no signs of corruption
5) Tree law is buzz of town as hearing is set
6) Editorial: Read, then speak out on tree law
7) Editorial: Fun, and intelligent life, is on streets
8) Ain't Email Great Dept: Neighbors avoid confrontation at Planning Board hearing
9) Public hearing is set on tree ordinance
10) Racky's quick wit adds levity to Commission
11) Commission misses chance to pluck thorn
12) To be removed, send a request to

Number 19-May 13, 2002
1) Appointee threatens to quit over ethics code
2) Editorial: Lanzetta is source of much incivility
3) Editorial: Virtual reality model is a fantasy, but high 'fees,' which may be illegal, are real
4) Businesses balk at 'virtual reality' fees
5) Laura Berman: Big Foot stubs big toe
6) Rountable on traffic issues to be televised
7) Taxes may dip if Commission OKs millage cut
8) Letter to Buzz: Manage change with balance
9) Hot dog! Mark calendar for DPS open house
10) Clean up, get to know Rouge River on June 1
11) To be removed, send a request to

Number 18-May 2, 2002
1) Court upholds Bigfoot ordinance
2) Letter to Eccentric: Stop the Madness
3) Letter to Buzz: Chainsaws are deafening
4) Presidents Council meeting Thursday
5) Is there a Crate & Barrel in our future? Chicago chain thinks outside the box
6) From our discussion forum: Anonymity is best when elected officials inspire fear of reprisal
7) Join the cause: Let us list you as a Supporter
8) Editorial: City's new direction is alarming
9) 'Wayfinding' plan will supplement signs
10) Meeting gives Buzz on development issues
11) Letter to Eccentric: Tree ordinance improper
12) Business forum a 'disappointment'
13) To be removed, send a request to

Number 17-April 24, 2002
1) Detroit News editorial: Don't police trees
2) Editorial: Commission blows an opportunity to make nice-nice with business community
3) Editorial: Let the campaign for reason begin
4) Developers say projects keep downtown viable
5) Court tells Vinewood owner to go back to city
6) Opposition grows, but tree law moves forward
7) Woodward 'emerald necklace' strangling traffic
8) To be removed, send a request to

Number 16-April 19, 2002
1) City must overcome fear of bad development to unlock potential for good, Buzz forum is told
2) Editorial: Protect trees, yes; but proposed law intrudes too far on private property rights
3) Kroger site stop-work order lifted -- a little
4) Forum to gauge city's retail business climate
5) Letter to Commission: Do more on sewers
6) Letter to Commission: 'I am appalled'
7) Commission denies tree-removal permit
8) Proposed Tree Preservation Ordinance posted
9) To be removed, send a request to

Number 15-April 16, 2002
1) Join Urban Reality Tour and panel discussion
2) April Quarton Lake update posted
3) Tree choppers could face $5,000 bill
4) Editorial: Resignations are a disturbing trend
5) City considers tough new tree ordinance
6) Letter to Eccentric: Defining roles
7) Today's chuckle: 'Independent' planner sought
8) Markus halts staff approval of design changes under pressure from Commission, Planning Board
9) Editorial: Kroger contruction delay is unfair
10) Plan Board rejects Big Rock banquet hall plan
11) City planner's resignation raises concerns
12) Eton development narrowly averts crisis
13) To be removed, send email to

Number 14-April 3, 2002
1) From our discussion forum: How can we make our town more family friendly?
2) Third key city planning official resigns
3) Editorial: What is the point of the reckless, irrational mission to shut down development?
4) Editorial: City needs an Internet strategy
5) Kroger development frozen; tenant steams
6) Editorial: Revise flawed ethics proposal
7) Editorial: Why did smart people put such silly stuff into the proposed code of ethics?
8) To be removed

Number 13-March 28, 2002
1) Editorial: Commission wisely rethinks failed standards for improving neighborhood streets
2) Editorial: Commission should rein in meetings
3) Editorial: Commission points anti-development steamroller straight at its own pet project
4) Ethics code proposal raises concerns
5) Editorial: Commissioners miss the point of a building inspector's job
6) Editorial: City needs to maintain momentum on long overdue improvements to Booth Park
7) To be removed, send a request to

Number 12-March 21, 2002
1) Thorsby speaks out in letter to Eccentric: Neighborhoods should be our focus
2) Booth Park concept, grant application OK'd
3) City gets warning on Willits' delays
4) City is tough on builders, Ferrario tells Commission
5) Editorial: Dispute over building violations saps city officials of scarce time, money, energy
6) Editorial: Sniping can be deadly
7) Letter to Eccentric: Why so critical of builders?
8) Letter to Eccentric: Questions for Ferrario
9) City seeks comment on proposed ethics codes
10) Roundtable set on traffic concerns
11) Cranbrook president to discuss preservation
12) Quarton Lake project newsletter is released
13) Attend Buzz Forum on downtown development

Number 11-March 18, 2002
1) Attend Buzz Forum on downtown development
2) Latest Booth Park plans are posted
3) First draft of 2016 Plan is posted
4) Willits project under review
5) Delayed building presentation back on agenda
6) Cities get downtown to business as work proceeds on projects
7) Mega-mansions' upside: They help reduce suburban sprawl
8) Letter to Eccentric: Thorsby commended
9) Editorial: Commission should deliberate openly on upcoming key appointments
10) City Freedom of Information form posted
11) To be removed

Number 10-March 7, 2002
1) Buzz development forum is rescheduled
2) Barnum/Beaumont feasibility study is posted
3) Editorial: What is our Commission's plan?
4) Editorial from Eccentric: Show reason in building oversight
5) Letter to Eccentric: Thorsby needs redirection
6) Midtown dispute settled, cafe gets new lease
7) Our talk isn't just cheap, it's intelligent
8) Developers blend suburbs, downtown: Upscale houses woo residents to urban areas
9) Buzz irons out kinks in new forum
10) City Attorney defends Willits process
11) To be removed

Number 9-March 2, 2002
1) Birmingham rebounds: Movie houses, events attract new shops downtown
2) Quarton Lake dredging update
3) City seeks Celebration parade chairperson
4) Building Guide posted
5) City report on Booth Park Workshop # 2
6) Your City Employees at Work Dept.
7) Letter to Eccentric: Commission needs to deal with more important issues
8) The Buzz is a 'hit'; visits top 100/day
9) Editorial: Vinewood case could be costly
10) Editorial: Racky shows intellect, independence
11) Jean Holland appointed to Planning Board
12) Commission shuts down report on crackdown
13) Letter to Buzz: Million-dollar condos don't sell
14) 2d Buzz forum is scheduled
15) To be removed

Number 8-Feb. 24, 2002
1) Second Buzz forum to focus on downtown building
2) Building inspections find few violations
3) Grant application gooses Booth Park plans
4) Editorial: An evening of ironies
5) Ferrario says back-off: Thorsby, Carney and Lanzetta said to want building official removed
6) Open letter to Commission and Planning Board
7) Recreation Master Plan wins award
8) Letter to Eccentric: Can we trust a Commission that acts before promised review of 2016 Plan?
9) Acrobat files upgrade
10) To be removed

Number 7-Feb. 18, 2002

1) Talk was never cheaper
2) Proposal seeks to protect trees
3) Old Woodward median work progresses
4) Judge to hear case on Vinewood house
5) Letter to Eccentric: No traffic circles
6) Editorial: Appointees bring instant credibility to arts board
7) Ain't Email Great Dept.
8) Code enforcement scrutinized: Thorsby calls for crackdown on builders
9) Letter to Eccentric: What traffic circle?
10) Editorial: Birmingham thrives as new venue
11) To be removed

Number 6-Feb. 4, 2002

1) City officials deposed in Vinewood case
2) City restricts placement of mezzanines
3) The still after the McGraw storm
4) State urges city to accept road funds
5) Public Arts Board appointed
6) Neighborhood Roundtables set
7) Editorial: The vision and intent of 2016
8) Editorial: Build on merchants meeting
9) Editorial: The righteous pretenders
10) McGraw resignation letter
11) Second Booth Park workshop is set
12) City develops tree preservation ordinance
13) We're (still) hungry for hits
14) Talk is (still) cheap
15) To be removed.


Number 5-Jan. 18, 2002

1) Posted docs mean $$ for city.
2) Woodward Median Project advances.
3) Quarton Lake Planning begins.
4) Hungry for hits.
5) Talk is cheap.
6) Chuck Moss writes.
7) Planning packet posted.
8) Mark your calendar.
9) To be removed.


Number 4-Jan. 18, 2002

1) Fuller buys Paterson Carney building.
2) City will reach out to Jacobson’s.
3) McGraw resigns Planning Board, trashes City Commission.
4) Moss cautions commission: Without growth, tax limits will bind city.
5) City considers proposed code of ethics.
6) City’s long-range planning meeting is SATURDAY.
7) Once devastated, elms start to rebound...
8) To be removed..


Number 3-Jan. 15, 2002

Booth Park plan takes shape; Presidents Council opens to public; Join us; Positively negative acronyms; Don Carney and the inessential Eccentric; Buzz finances.


Number 2-Jan. 8, 2002

About Us posted; Join Us; Kudos for arts board, Voter list released, The competition responds.


Number 1-Jan. 1, 2002

Website Features; Join Us; Spread the Word; Mission Statement.